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Learning French should be fun; so why not kick back, relax, and expose yourself to more spoken French? Watching a video is an effective way to follow discourse and work on your speaking comprehension. So, this ongoing compilation of videos was conceived with you in mind; all the videos are in French or are about learning French.

The list is broken down into five video topics: comedic videos, documentaries (education/news), videos on learning French, beginner-friendly videos, and entertainment videos/movies. Please, if you have something this list is missing, don't hesitate to comment below; no special subscription is required. Also, don't forget to comment or like us on Facebook if you found the list useful :)

Cinematic Movies & Entertainment
Website: StreamComplet [Stream hundreds of NEW & POPULAR movies in French]
Website: Films Français [French movies with subtitles]
Official Site: Le Grand Journal (Canal+ French Talk show)

Movie: Revolver (2013) [Dubbed in French]
Movie: Big Hit (2013) [Dubbed in French]
Movie: Astérix et Cléopâtre (1968) [French]
Movie: Astérix et les Indiens [French]
Movie: Clara cet été là (2002) [French with English Subtitles]
Movie: Ultimate Patrol [Dubbed in French]

Movie: Braquage Double City [Dubbed in French]
Movie: Des Saints et des Soldats (2003) [WW2 film, dubbed]
Movie: Les Mecs sont des Cochons (2013) [Dubbed in French]
Movie: La Tranchée Des Espoirs 1914-1918 (2003) [French]
Movie: Violette (1978) [French with English Subtitles]
Movie: 588 Rue Paradis (1991) [French with English Subtitles]

Youtube Channel: MadMoiZelle (over 700 videos in French)
Youtube Channel: Canal+
Youtube Channel: Bonjourlovilies

Adventure Time in French

French Comedy Videos & Channels 
(videos are about 5-10 minutes long)
Youtube Channel: Cyprien  (The #1 French comedic Youtuber !)
Youtube Channel: Norman (+44 videos in French)
Youtube Channel: Natoo (~40 videos in French)
Youtube Channel: Remi Gaillard (+120 videos in French)
Youtube Channel: La Parole de Chat (+50 animal related videos in French with subtitles)
Youtube Channel: Stromae (Music artist with quirky videos in French)
Youtube Channel: Canal+ (cross-listed with entertainment videos)

Official Site: Les Guignols de l'info (satirical political comedy, updated daily)

Series: H (created by Canal+)
Series: Un Gars une Fille
Series: Bref (created by Canal+)
Series: Camping Paradis
Video: Dubstep Cat versus the Paper Army [French with English Subtitles]
Video: Babysitting

Documentaries & Educational Videos in French
Youtube Channel: TV5 Monde (over 3,000 videos on news)
Youtube Channel: BFMTV (over 1,000 videos on news)
Youtube Channel: Réportages & Émissions (hour long video-documentaries in French)
Youtube Channel: ArtePlusSept
Youtube Channel: Amara (thousands of subtitled videos from youtube)
Series: 90 minutes enquêtes (1.5 hour long videos on crime)

Video: Au coeur de L'urgence (1.5 hours)
Video: CRS les combattants de l'ordre (about an hour)
Video: Le Dessous des Cartes - Démographie Française
Video: Linguist Steven Pinker talks about Languages and Thoughts (french subtitled video)

Videos on Learning the French Language
Youtube Channel: French for Beginners to Advanced (OVER 200,000 videos)
Youtube Channel: French Sounds (lessons on pronunciation)
Youtube Channel: FrenchPod101
Youtube Channel: Français Authentique (+50 videos in French)

Beginner-Friendly Videos in French (any topic)
Youtube Channel: FrenchPod101
Youtube Channel: Français Authentique (+50 videos in French)
Youtube Series: Extr@ Video Series (+20 videos in French with subtitles)
Youtube Series: Les Parents (Quebec mini-series with subtitles)

Remember the list is always updating so stop  by later and we should have more content.


  1. Hello, if you're interested, I've also found a pretty decent French music station online:
    The station plays non-French music too, but there is a station specifically for French songs only.

    1. Salut Moses,

      Thanks for the link! I did check out the French music section and found what I liked from there, so I am considering putting that link up elsewhere. Maybe I'll make another post for French Music? We'll see.

      Thanks for the comment!


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  2. Merci pour tous! C'est tres utile!

    J'ai vu que vous aimez Stromae (par tes autres postes avec ses videos et paroles), et il a un series sur youtube qui explique sa musique et ses compositions. Ils sont tres drole et amusant et on peut apprendre la français avec ça.

    Aussi, il y a un series sur youtube qui s'appelle Live@home. Je crois que c'est Quebecois, parce que'il y a des sous-titres en anglais ou français.

    J'espere que ceux-ci vont vous aider!

    M Sean

    1. Merci pour votre deuxième commentaire M Sean,

      J'ai ajouté le lien vers la chaîne de Stromae. L'autre lien, Live@Home, a quelques vidéos en français mais la plupart des vidéos sont en anglais.

      Passez une bonne journée !

  3. This is just what I've been looking for! Thank you!

  4. where can i find boxoffice movies dubbed in french ?

    1. A good (legal) a region 2 DVD player from (starting from around $30, and shipping is not bad) then buy DVDs from (the shipping on these is also not bad). Most TV shows and movies from are either in French or dubbed in French, and they almost all also have French sous-titres for the the deaf, which makes them ideal for French learning.

  5. than you for this great site i really like ^^

    and also this is another site :

  6. Merci beaucoup pour cette liste! Je suis en train d'apprendre la langue, et il est difficile de trouver des videos par YouTube!


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